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Claret Celebration

 As we celebrate, recall, feel challeged by the life of Saint Anthony Maria Claret (1807 - 1870), our Founder, we look at him with joy and certain admiration. In all places of our  claretian presence, together with the whole Claretian Family, we commemorate his passion for Christ and Claret misionerofor the People, a life modeled on the ligth of the Word of God and Eucarist. It has been for many years and still is an inspiration for our missionary service, trying to witness the Love of God in different ways and variety of cultures.

Happy celebration for each one!!!!

"I not only thought about becoming good as Jesus, but I was continuously trying to imagine what I could do to work for salvation on others. Hence I prayed continuously to Jesus and Mary, offering myself to them for this purpose. The lives of the saints, which we read daily at table, and my own spiritual reading all contributed to this. But what moved and stimulated me most was reading the Holy Bible, to which I have always been very strongly attracted". (Autobiography Claret 113)

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