Claretian Missionary Sisters - Misioneras Claretianas

Philippines - emergency



As we are witnessing the tragedy of thousands of people affected by the effects of typhoon we are too witnessing the solidarity of thousands of brothers and sisters in bringing them help, relieve and hope.

As Claretian Family we join the efforts of other institutions and facilitate the channel of solidarity. The sisters of our pilipino communities are directly involved and from other corners of the world we stretch out our arms in concrete gestures of aid. Especially in Iloilo Island.

Our claretian NGO Korimasur is forwarding material collaboration. If you wish you can send it through: THANK YOU!

Name of Bank: Banco Popular. Nr of acccount: 0075 0096 67 0600177934


For the international transfers: BIC: POPUESMM IBAN: ES30 OO75 0096 6706 0017 7934


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