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In the context of the celebration of Christmas two continental encounters took place: in Bogota (Colombia) for America and in Warsaw (Poland) for Europe. The purpose was first of all to strengthen the sisterly relationship on the continental level, know more each other and the diversity of mission. As the period of “listening” is being completed, there were presentations of the results of the survey (in base of questionnaires, personal and communal) in order to prepare the next step in the process: the discernment. Out of the “picture” of our reality and with the desire to respond to the challenges of the world the sisters gathered have shared and elaborated some criteria for the presentations of the results of questionnaires in the Entities and for the discernment of the communities and apostolic mission.

 To fulfill God’s design on our congregation: “one family one heart” the process of restructuring  shall continue ....

warasaw1grupo Bogo with the commitment of each sister, according to the XVI General Chapter statement: “This itinerary of restructuring the apostolic body, will not be possible without the transformation of persons and of the communities. We have a long journey to go, and it will not be easy. It seems the road will be uphill ... Let us ask the Lord that neither the difficulties, nor any apparent lack of fruit, nor the slowness of the processes and the diversity of rhythms paralyze us. May the Lord grant us confidence and mutual solidarity.”

While the Asian and African communities are preparing for their continental encounters we keep in working for the Renewal of the Church and building a new Order in practice.

The meetings were animated by General Superior Ma Soledad Galeron, Ascension Redondo - prefect of Apostolate (in Bogota); Cristina Ruberte - prefect of Administration (in Warsaw); participated Major superiors of Entities, delegates from Governances and General houses.

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