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Consecrated life day

Just day before it we had in Rome a wondeful preparation and vocational event in the celebration of the Religious Profession of Celeste Berardi from profe-cel-2Conversano. Her consecration was presided by fr. Jose Felix Valderrabano cmf.  Sisters from all claretian communities in Italy and novice mistress from the European Novitiate in Madrid (where Celeste has spent last year)  came together in the parish Church where the community of provincial curia lives.

It was a vocational motivation for every one, especially for the family and parishioners listenning to the chosen biblical readings, homily, prayers, but above all looking at this young women still and determined to follow Jesus, to allow Him to be led and sent.

We prayed for her and for the gift of the religious vocation for many young people willing to listen to God's voice.

In this way we were  ready to join our hearts with the whole Congregation (as usually we do every year from the very beginning of the claretian community) and consecrated persons in the world renewing our commitments; renewing in each one of us the fidelity of God.                                                                                              profesi cel1


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