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Teresita Albarracin Day

We remember today the life of our young sister  Maria Teresita Albarrracinteresita Albracin, born in Puerto de Mazarron -Spain- (May 1st 1927), entered our Congregation and professed in April 1944. Died on March 12 1946.

  "My program must be working in the Spirit of faith, to be able to do in extraordinary ways the ordinary works; this what I implore each day for each of them asking help of my Immaculate Mother."

 And what is your project, your program of life? How, in short, but meaningful way, would you express your desires to implement in this project?

"So when I wake up , think it's Jesus incarnate in the womb of Mary, when I dress, I will think how Jesus was clothed of our nature; during meals, think on Jesus saying my food is to do the will of the Father who sent me; in my work, quiet, silent, that is Jesus of Nazareth in the workshop; in silence, in meditation, in prayer, on Jesus fleeing from crowds and retreating into the wilderness to pray; in the works of the apostolate I think on Jesus working for the glory of his Father ... "

Do these words resonate in you recalling the prayer of the Mother Foundress ... "let the missionary pray with Christ praying ... ect "?

In particular, current situation, of your vocational journey, I wish with Teresita , you review the different moments of your daily life and confront with her, in her friendship and affection to Jesus that animated her young missionary life.


The process of her Beatification is continuing. The Congregation of the Beatification  Causes of Saints declared the heroic practice of the theoligical virtues.

Surely you see how Theresa has accepted with faith God's presence in her life, centered Jesus; yet she has also been responsible for the steps to being made by drawing and putting into practice in her simple plan of life the aspirations and invitations she discovered that God put in her heart.

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