Claretian Missionary Sisters - Misioneras Claretianas

Ongoing Formation

The Entities and communities are carrying out various activities all over the claretian world in the process of discernment as we are on the way of the Restructuring Project.

Here we share two recent experiences of African Delegation and of Formation Community in Indonesia.

The superiors, administrators of the African Delegation gathered to study the legal issues, implication of civil and canon law in the life of the communities in relationship to the customs and properties. In the second part of the session the sisters had their spiritual retreat - opportunity to deepen and strengthen in communion the spirituality and fraternity.

The community of Jogjakarta in Indonesia has their retreats pryogya2ogram to work on the importance of formation team working, sharing this experience both the community and formandies. Building up the community from the beginnings of the insertion in the community is basic for the claretian spirituality and misison.

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