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Christmas 2014

natale-bBest wishes for this time of celebrating Christmas ... to the whole Claretian Family, Friends and collaborators!

Recent event of handing over and receiveng the Cross of the Company of Mary in Tarragona and Reus shows us and reminds us that the best gift for our life is Christ: "so God has loved the world, that He has given the only Son..." (Jn 3:16).

In a very simple yet deep encounters, first in the community of the Company of Mary in Tarragona, and second in the chapel of our community of Reus, with sisters from Tremp, Barcelona, Zaragoza and Argentina, in the presence of Maria Soledad Galeron, we had received the Crucifix before the which Antonia Paris used to pray long times during her fomation time in the Convent of Tarragona. This Cross was was her the place where intercede for the Church and offer herself to God. Receiveing it in our midst we are grateful and deeply moved.

Our desire is - as Maria Soledad has written - "That the presence of the Crucifix among us we may convert it in an instrument to renew, revitalize, strengthen our response today to "give up our life" for the Gospel, for the renewal of the Church". The recent messages of the Pope Francis make this call urgent for us, claretians.

Watch the small video on the EVENT:

From 26 - 31 December the Province Spain South, the delegations of USA and East Europe hold their Assemblies. Let us keep them Company in prayer, in this very intensive time of the Restructuring process.


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