Claretian Missionary Sisters - Misioneras Claretianas

Faithful to the Heritage

 In this very day (17th of January), memorial of the Passover of our Foundress Maria AnMF reustonia Paris, we recall her words:

“The aim and goal of this community is to announce the Gospel of the Lord, and fulfill the evangelical councils, and in imitation of the Apostles, work until death in proclaiming the Good News of the Lord to the whole creation. (cf. Const. 3)

“The evangelical poverty is the basis and foundation of this new community and the master-key to introduce into the heart of men the accomplishment of the Gospel” (Cf. CC, n. 84 p. 407)

“My daughters let us love one another, as daughters we are of love. Love your sisters and you will find not defects in them” (cf. CC n. 26 p. 458)

“Nothing is difficult for the humble of heart and nothing rough for their hands; so let humility be and meekness be among you” (cf. CC n, 20 p. 414).

Lord, grant us the Grace to follow your footprints, inspired by this legacy of Maria Antonia, she lived in practice till the end of her live. 

Hapy day, Claretian Missionaries and all our collaborators and friends!

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