European Novitiate

novieur-2After several months of preparation, discernment, looking for a house, ... the new European Novitiate community begins, located in Vallecas, a simple south quarter of Madrid. The sisters are from North and South Spain: Consuelo Ferrús (formator), Beatriz Pereiro, Lolis Salcedo, Laureana Garcia, and in formation: novice, Celeste, from Italy, postulants Araceli (South) and Mary (North).
some days of programming, on September 28, at noon, the whole community eventually gathers and this project of novitiate for Europe begins. There are Maria Soledad and Jolanta, from general council, who have been coordinating  these beginnings, Evelyn and Rosa. In a prayerful moment we evoked the call of the Apostles, that of our Founders ... and ours. We have been recalling all the sisters, grateful for the experience of solidarity in sharing goods to run this house.

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