Announcement of XVII General Chapter


With joy, the Superior General  Ma Soledad Galeron ANNOUNCED the celebration of the next XVII General Chapter which will be in Rome from July 18 to August 12 of 2017. From July 16 we have started the process of preparation to the Chapter under the protection of Mary, Star of the Sea. entrusting to her our new sailing towards this event of transcendental importance in the life of the Congregation and of each sister.

This closes the period of reorganization of the Congregational structures in responce to the call of previouse Chapter.  The map of  Entities has new configuration, embracing:

Mission Province of Africa (Congo, Cameroon, Nigeria)

Virgin of Guadalupe Mission Province (Cuba, USA, Dominican Rep. Honduras, Salvador, Mexico) 

The Province of East Asia (Japan, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, and Timor)

South Asian Delegation (India and Sri Lanka)

Province of Europe (North and South Spain, Italy and Poland)

Province of Latin America (Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and Peru)

In this moments of our intensive preparation all members and collaborators are invited to pray and contribute in the reflection: Lord, what do you want from me and the congregation at this moment of history? How to fulfill our apostolic vocation in the troubled political and socio-cultural reality in which we live? The path will gradually get collours of visions and

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